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Is Where's My Tutor Legit?

Occasionally we get emails from prospective tutors asking us if “WheresMyTutor is a scam.” The short answer to that question is: of course not. With more than 9000 tutors nationwide located in all 50 states, it would be impossible for us to maintain our "A" Better Business Bureau ranking if this were the case. Click the BBB link at the top right of this page to confirm that we are FULLY ACCREDITED with the BBB. Additionally, we've had a solid "A- Rating" with them since 2009 as well. Only 0.20% of our tutors have ever "complained" about not getting enough tutoring jobs (BBB: 6 complaints in the last 3 years out of 8387 tutors = 0.07% of our tutors are unhappy, OR 99.93% of our tutors are pleased with our services!) -- data current as of 4/1/2014.

Why Do I have to "Pay to Get a Job"? - That's Absurd!

It is important for you to understand that you are not paying to "work for us.” Indeed this WOULD be absurd. Instead, you are paying a small up-front fee so you can "work for yourself.” How so? Good question: rather than wasting valuable tutoring time by posting fliers up and advertising yourself on Craigslist, in local newspapers, etc., we advertise for you! Thus, in exchange for the nominal yearly fee of $19.99 (or $29.99), WheresMyTutor will send you (the happy tutor) an unlimited number of Tutoring Requests from parents/students in your immediate area. One single hour of tutoring and you’ve covered your investment.

Well, Why Can't I Just Pay You a Percentage of My Hourly Tutoring Rate?

This would be a VERY bad idea on your part. You would end up paying us much more than $19.99 (or $29.99) during the course of a year. The reason we charge a small up-front fee is because we do not “take a cut” of your hourly earnings. This is extraordinarily beneficial to you. For example, if you charge your tutees $30/hour, you will keep ALL of the $30/hour. “Free sites” are scams in that they DO take a sizable percentage of your hourly earnings – this certainly adds up to more than the $19.99 (or $29.99) that we charge. Imagine tutoring a family for say, $45/hour, while you only receive $25/hour. Your “free website” would be gouging you $20 per HOUR for doing NOTHING! We think this is unfair, and hopefully you do as well.

I’ve Never Heard of Such a Thing – Paying Up-Front to Be Listed in a Tutoring Directory.

We are certainly not the only tutoring company who operates by this business model. Several of our competitors also operate via the “fee-first” business model, but they charge much more than we do at this time. At last check, one such competitor charges $45 every three months instead of $19.99 for an ENTIRE year.

How Come I'm Reading Some Negative Reviews About WheresMyTutor When I Google You Guys???

Good question. Notice how there are "some negative reviews" but not a huge amount of them? Shouldn't we have 100's of such complaints if we were not a legitimate organization (we do have 8300+ tutors afterall)? The bottom line is this: happy satisfied tutors are NOT going to take the time to sing high praise about WheresMyTutor, while the few frustrated tutors WILL take the time to vent about us. With more than 8300+ tutors nationwide, negative reviews are bound to happen. It's inevitable. Even companies such as Wal-Mart, PayPal, Home Depot, Bank of America, etc. receive such complaints and negative press. It's an unfortunate reality. Just realize this: while we respect people's first amendment rights to express themselves and their opinions, labeling us "a scam" insinuates illegal activity on our part, and we take these blatantly false complaints very seriously. We've collected just a few of the many positive review around the web HERE.

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